Monday, September 28, 2009

Evil Kitty T-shirt sale

Our last t-shirt sale was a big hit and we knew we would bring it back.
Here it is...from now on till Oct. 4th you can purchase any Evil Kitty t-shirt for only $20.

This time we are adding a small twist or rather a wider amount of merchandise to choose from. We are adding some of our long sleeve tops to the mix.

Hope you enjoy our sale.

It ends on October 4th at midnight.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Evil Kitty's Wedding

...not really. It was Ranise's wedding, but we made her dress.

We met Ranise at one of our shopping events and became good friends.
She was hunting for a perfect wedding dress (by perfect I mean; unique and punk rock). There was nothing out there that she really liked, so she commissioned us to make her one.

Thank you Ranise!
We really enjoyed making it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Evil Kitten Spotlight

We'd like to introduce the youngest Evil Kitten: Zoë.
Her mom is also an Evil Kitten who supported us from the very beginning.
We were awaiting Zoë's arrival with a lot of excitement, so we decided to make her a new Evil Kitty wardrobe.
I must admit - she is a great model!
If you have any tiny kittens in your family, email us and we'll make them a new EK wardrobe.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thank you for voting!

Thank you sooooo much for voting for me and Evil Kitty to participate in the St. Louis Fashion Week. There were some of you who put your minds and hearts into it. You know who you are. I'm sorry we didn't make it to the top 6. We ended up taking the 11th spot. This is not bad considering that we started quite late. I was amazed watching the amounts of votes increase day by day.

Next time this opportunity comes along I will be one of the 1st people to sign up, I promise. This will give us a better chance of winning. Can't thank you enough for voting and for spreading the word. If any opportunities arise because of it, you'll be the 1st to know.

To read our previous post about the St. Louis Fashion Week click here

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Evil Kitty Newsletter

For all Evil Kitty news and updates, check out our latest newsletter.
You can view it online right here

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You will be first to know about our sales, events and other hot happenings at the Evil Kitty Headquarters.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Vote for Evil Kitty

Hi Everyone! Vote for me and Evil Kitty to participate in the Saint Louis Fashion Week. I'll get a chance to compete for $30,000. You can vote 1 per hour. Thank you for your help!

We just moved from 16th to 15th place. We have to make it to top 6 to be included in the Saint Louis Fashion Week. Keep on voting!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It worked!!!

I never know if an email I sent to a publication reaches the editor. I predict most of my emails end up in the spam folder. As a hopeless dreamer I keep sending them, thinking one of these days my emails reach the right person.

Last week my prayers were answered. Miss Elle from the read my email and wrote a lengthy article on She looked through all of my designs, picked her favorites and even analyzed our shipping policy. She really did her research before writing this piece. I'm very impressed. Thank you Miss Elle.
Read more of her writing at
To read the Evil Kitty article go to

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Snow Princess Collection

It was great show. It really was. "The Chicago Is...Red Hot" 2008 didn't disappoint. The disappointing part was the lack of coverage afterwards. I haven't seen much of pictures and write-up even in the local press. Therefore I was excited to find this, a post on RUNWAY TO RETAIL blog:

Check out the second photo from the top. That's my "Snow Princess Collection." It's fun and girly and it has all the Evil Kitty traits, but it won't be available for sale on our website. Most of the pieces were created especially for the runway. No worries, you can still order them individually. We accept custom orders. Just email me at