Wednesday, August 16, 2017

DIY project - Turn an old dress into a cute Cropped Top

My mom is very displeased when she has to get rid of stuff. Since purging is not her strong suit,  I've been able to find some real gems in her closet from the 80s and the 90s.

Here is a dress that I've never seen her wear and I know for sure she won't wear in the near future. Her only hope is that one of her daughter develops an 80s fetish and starts wearing it. Well, Mom your wish is coming true.....kind of.

I looked at this dress and realized I liked the top, but not the bottom. It was an easy fix; I cut the skirt off and used the hemmed bottom to create a short trim for the top.

If your mom is like mine, you can find your own gems in her closet. If not, just head to a local thrift store. You can make your own cute summer top in no time.

Have fun!!

Step 1 - Find an old dress

Step 2 - Cut it into 3 pieces

Step 3 - Discard the middle piece

Step 4 - Gather and attach the trim.

Step 5 - Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Evil Kitty pouches are HERE!

You've been asking us for years to add more accessories to the collection. Your requests did not fall on a deaf ear. We are designing an array of accessories for 2015.
First, we'd like to introduce a versatile Evil Kitty pouch that you can use for your coins, cosmetics, pencils etc...Choose from a devilish red or a pink leopard pouch with a black Evil Kitty appliqué. To view our latest creations, go here...

Friday, June 29, 2012

How to be Expectant and Stylish Without Breaking The Bank

A lot of changes are happening at the Evil Kitty Empire. Momma Cat has been pregnant and is proud to announce the introduction of some new pieces she made for herself and for the tiny new kitten. Since Evil Kitty is always fashion forward, she has found that spending money on ugly maternity clothes was not something she was ready to give into. Today we are featuring some comfortable and stylish maternity apparel. Remember: The maxi dresses are not only for expectant women. They are versatile and fit a variety of sizes. Buy one for you and your expectant sister!

Avoid buying ugly maternity clothes by following Lidia's 3 simple steps
• Look through your closet and pull out all the baby-doll and empire waist dresses and tops. Then find all your long t-shirts and knit tunics. You might be surprised how many outfits will come handy.

• Hit the stores you usually shop at and buy items you'd be happy to wear post pregnancy. If you shop at, here are few items that you can wear pre, during and post pregnancy.
Show Stopper Maxi Dress
Safety Pin Babydoll
Blue Bell Dress
• Go to We've just launched 2 dresses that were created by Lidia herself! They are comfortable, stylish and affordable. These dresses are even ideal for after the baby comes!
Pink Primrose Dress - $75

Dahlia Dress - $68

Thursday, June 7, 2012

3 Tips for the Edgy Summer Bride

3 Tips for the Edgy Summer Bride

1. Creative wedding photography has become one of the main focuses of this special day,  especially for the less cookie cutter bride,  but it can be more time consuming than most couples plan for. A lot of brides forget to block out enough time with a wedding photographer to achieve that creative image. Photographs help memories last a life time!

2. Summer weddings are beautiful,  but as the days of summer go by the numbers of pesky mosquito's rises. This is something brides do not usually consider! Homemade recipes for nicely scented mosquito repellent are the perfect part favor for less than desirable outside intruders!

3. Whether you are a bride on a budget,  or a creative couple looking for a unique way to represent your love,  this monogram idea is sure to touch the hearts of your guests. A heart shape can easily be formed by taking the thumb print of both the husband and the wife. Adding text to the bottom,  like the couples initials,  completes this fun-loving logo. Photographed to the right is Evil Kitty's own heart monogram!

For more tips and beautiful pictures visit

Fanciful Romance Ignites In the Final Dress from Evil Kitty's Spring Collection. Evil Kitty ends the launch of her 2012 Spring/Summer Collection with a one of a kind chiffon ball gown. Combining the innovative construction of all her designs with a soft color story for spring this dress is a true advocate for the inspiration behind the collection.

Evil Kitty steps away from her traditional dark color color palette for spring. Staying true to Evil Kitty's unique design aesthetic is this floor length baby blue chiffon gown. The chiffon was put through a process of crunching to create the textured look. With a perfect mixture of whimsy and sophistication,  this dress will be the talk of the town whether you are dancing the night away at a summer gala or walking down the aisle on your warm summer wedding day.

 Bridal Trend of 2013 - COLOR
According to,  white is not the only option. Today's brides wear blue,  pink,  red or even burgundy down the aisle.,

Purrrrrr-fectly Pure Evil Kitty Goes Blanche in the Next Dress From her Spring Collection

As the launch of Evil Kitty's Spring Collection slows down, the innovation in designs do not. Keeping it calm and collective, the ethereal status Evil Kitty has worked to achieve comes in full swing with the launch of her next dress,  Belle Blanche, where things are not always as simple as they seem.  This dress is made of ivory organza ,and puts a unique spin on a basic silhouette.  The irregular stitching of the seems draws in the eye, and carries it throughout the rest of the dress, so not to miss one inch of this truly one of a kind piece.