Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Run over by a Wienermobile

I'd love to pay a little tribute to Kate, one of Evil Kitty's biggest supporter. She's been cheering us on since the very first Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park. Kate not only showed up to all of my events, she always bought the newest creations, she wore them out and then she sent me the most amazing photos.

During 2006 Gay Parade she almost got run over by a Wienermobile trying to take an action shot while wearing Evil Kitty Tutu.
The great photo below prooves it. Go Kate! We love you here at the Evil Kitty Headquarter.

Kate and her husband Adeet now live in NYC. Curious about the city, they seek out the most interesting places to eat. Kate documents it in her new blog:
Don't miss her post from Sun. Sept 14th titled: "Go! Go! Curry!"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Remembering The Chicago Fashion Incubator!

You might be surprised that I'm writing about The Chicago Fashion Incubator for the second time this week! I'm just a little bit sad to leave my post at Macy's on State. Tomorrow I'll finishing packing and Monday I'll move out.

Here is a photo published by the Chicago Magazine showing all 6 of us. I'm the girl with the pleated skirt.
To read the article that accompanied this photo go here:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you "kaboodle?"

I didn't even realize that our items were listed on (an on-line shopping network). I immediately gathered them and put then under one label: Evil Kitty. The Evil Kitty's page looks a little bit sad. I didn't get a chance to fix it up yet. I will do it soon.
Meanwhile go to, become my friend and get the word out.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring is almost here.

Spring is just around the corner (we hope), and that means that it’s time for a new collection. Evil Kitty has been busy working on new and fun designs throughout the winter.

Some new items are already added to the website. Check out the Evil Kitty Jersey Dress. Its versatility is a staple for spring and summer.

We also have new t-shirts in the works. They are in the process of being added to the website, so be sure you check back to see them!!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chicago Fashion Incubator....I will miss you!

Since my time at the Chicago Fashion Incubator is winding down, I would like to pay tribute to this exceptional program.

The Chicago Fashion Incubator is a non-profit organization supporting emerging Chicago designers. Each year they pick six promising designers to mentor. Two main sponsors of the program are Macy's on State Street and the City of Chicago.

Chicago Magazine said it best when they wrote:

"The Incubator is a collaborative effort between Macy's and the city, and Mayor Daley himself stopped by to share a very few words about his goals for the program: "to give [the designers] the help they need to succeed in fashion in Chicago—and to keep them here. If we're going to be really a global city, the fashion industry has to be part of that image."

Now that it's time to move out; I'm reflecting on the past year with the program. I'm very thankful for all the help and support I have received. I loved working at the Macy's on State Street, and will have the fondest memories of my time here. In addition to the mentoring received, Evil Kitty has also gotten a lot of press.

View some of the articles from the past year.
Chicago Magazine's Blog
Newcity Article

We were also on ABC-7 Chicago. Click here to view the clip.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Evil Kitty Tattoo

Recognize this design?!
It looks like our Evil Kitty is going mainstream.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

When wearing your heart on your chest is actually a good thing.

When Lark told me she was going to the Chicago Auto Show for speed dating, I thought it was a genius idea. "There will be mostly guys there" I said. The numbers were definitely in her favor.
I've never imagined she would end up on TV wearing one of my t-shirts: the Red Heart T-shirt.

Check out the footage right here

Thank you Lark!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Win an Evil Kitty Fan Club Membership!

Evil Kitty and Shojo Beat have joined forces to bring you our very first contest of 2009. Two lucky winners will be awarded Kitty in Charge and Party Kitty memberships to Evil Kittens, the official fan club of Evil Kitty clothing (approximate retail values $150 and $86 respectively).

To ENTER please go here.
The deadline is February 28, 2009.

To learn more about Evil Kittens click here.

Shojo Beat is a shojo manga magazine published in North America by Viz Media. They've been featuring Evil Kitty items regularly, since 2006. Can't thank them enough. Erica Yee, editor of Shojo Beat, is one of Evil Kittens. Website:

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's Day?

Evil Kitty's Blog is here!
We've been planning to have a grand opening in March, but we couldn't hold back any longer. Our Red Heart T-shirt went viral on Many creative souls used it to build interesting "sets." We wanted to share them with you and posted some of them below.

So... are you celebrating the Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's Day this year? The audience is split here; at the Evil Kitty's headquarters. Lidia (the designer) and her hubby are planning a romantic dinner. The rest of us upholds Evil Kitty's rebellious nature and will celebrate the Anti-Valentine's Day. We will wear our Black Heart T-shirts in protest.

To check out all of ours Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's Day items, go to here. The items with "hearts" are currently on sale. Place your order by Wednesday to get them in time for the big day.

A little bit more about's a website were retailers can upload pictures of their merchandise and members of the Polyvore community create "sets" (collages containing various images). Pointless, right? Seems like it is, yet it must be addictive, since day after day new sets keep popping up.

Scarlett Johansson wearing Evil Kitty
Scarlett Johansson wearing Evil Kitty - by Evil Kitty on

Valentines. - by Robynwillfindit on

Retro pop princess
Retro pop princess - by VanillaVIP on

The Revolution Girlz one more time! by Allie
The Revolution Girlz one more time! by Allie - by TheRevolutionGirlz on

summer outfit
summer outfit - by ѕєяєηα & ¢нℓσє...вƒƒz♥ on