Sunday, February 8, 2009

Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's Day?

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We've been planning to have a grand opening in March, but we couldn't hold back any longer. Our Red Heart T-shirt went viral on Many creative souls used it to build interesting "sets." We wanted to share them with you and posted some of them below.

So... are you celebrating the Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's Day this year? The audience is split here; at the Evil Kitty's headquarters. Lidia (the designer) and her hubby are planning a romantic dinner. The rest of us upholds Evil Kitty's rebellious nature and will celebrate the Anti-Valentine's Day. We will wear our Black Heart T-shirts in protest.

To check out all of ours Valentine's or Anti-Valentine's Day items, go to here. The items with "hearts" are currently on sale. Place your order by Wednesday to get them in time for the big day.

A little bit more about's a website were retailers can upload pictures of their merchandise and members of the Polyvore community create "sets" (collages containing various images). Pointless, right? Seems like it is, yet it must be addictive, since day after day new sets keep popping up.

Scarlett Johansson wearing Evil Kitty
Scarlett Johansson wearing Evil Kitty - by Evil Kitty on

Valentines. - by Robynwillfindit on

Retro pop princess
Retro pop princess - by VanillaVIP on

The Revolution Girlz one more time! by Allie
The Revolution Girlz one more time! by Allie - by TheRevolutionGirlz on

summer outfit
summer outfit - by ѕєяєηα & ¢нℓσє...вƒƒz♥ on

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Ricki said...

I'm celebrating Valentine's Day, but we really aren't doing much. My fiance already bought me my gift - a puppy!