Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Run over by a Wienermobile

I'd love to pay a little tribute to Kate, one of Evil Kitty's biggest supporter. She's been cheering us on since the very first Renegade Craft Fair in Wicker Park. Kate not only showed up to all of my events, she always bought the newest creations, she wore them out and then she sent me the most amazing photos.

During 2006 Gay Parade she almost got run over by a Wienermobile trying to take an action shot while wearing Evil Kitty Tutu.
The great photo below prooves it. Go Kate! We love you here at the Evil Kitty Headquarter.

Kate and her husband Adeet now live in NYC. Curious about the city, they seek out the most interesting places to eat. Kate documents it in her new blog:
Don't miss her post from Sun. Sept 14th titled: "Go! Go! Curry!"


Kate said...

It was worth it! I'd run into the street again to show off my fabulous Evil Kitty outfit!

evilkitty said...

You are my hero. I loooove this photo! Can't get enough of it.