Friday, June 29, 2012

How to be Expectant and Stylish Without Breaking The Bank

A lot of changes are happening at the Evil Kitty Empire. Momma Cat has been pregnant and is proud to announce the introduction of some new pieces she made for herself and for the tiny new kitten. Since Evil Kitty is always fashion forward, she has found that spending money on ugly maternity clothes was not something she was ready to give into. Today we are featuring some comfortable and stylish maternity apparel. Remember: The maxi dresses are not only for expectant women. They are versatile and fit a variety of sizes. Buy one for you and your expectant sister!

Avoid buying ugly maternity clothes by following Lidia's 3 simple steps
• Look through your closet and pull out all the baby-doll and empire waist dresses and tops. Then find all your long t-shirts and knit tunics. You might be surprised how many outfits will come handy.

• Hit the stores you usually shop at and buy items you'd be happy to wear post pregnancy. If you shop at, here are few items that you can wear pre, during and post pregnancy.
Show Stopper Maxi Dress
Safety Pin Babydoll
Blue Bell Dress
• Go to We've just launched 2 dresses that were created by Lidia herself! They are comfortable, stylish and affordable. These dresses are even ideal for after the baby comes!
Pink Primrose Dress - $75

Dahlia Dress - $68

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