Wednesday, August 16, 2017

DIY project - Turn an old dress into a cute Cropped Top

My mom is very displeased when she has to get rid of stuff. Since purging is not her strong suit,  I've been able to find some real gems in her closet from the 80s and the 90s.

Here is a dress that I've never seen her wear and I know for sure she won't wear in the near future. Her only hope is that one of her daughter develops an 80s fetish and starts wearing it. Well, Mom your wish is coming true.....kind of.

I looked at this dress and realized I liked the top, but not the bottom. It was an easy fix; I cut the skirt off and used the hemmed bottom to create a short trim for the top.

If your mom is like mine, you can find your own gems in her closet. If not, just head to a local thrift store. You can make your own cute summer top in no time.

Have fun!!

Step 1 - Find an old dress

Step 2 - Cut it into 3 pieces

Step 3 - Discard the middle piece

Step 4 - Gather and attach the trim.

Step 5 - Enjoy!

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