Monday, May 16, 2011

Think pink: Summer collection 2011

When you think of Summer, what comes to mind? Birds chirping, the sweet smell of flowers, and the blazing sun... but what about new lines from your favorite designers? Over the next few days we’ll be releasing new pieces each morning from the Evil Kitty Summer 2011 collection on our website. That means every day you’ll get a dose of the punk couture you’ve come to know and love. The pretty pinks and pastels will look perfect with your soon-to-be sun-kissed skin. Each will be available for purchase and custom order!

As no surprise to you, we chose to start off the launch with a dress to “go big or go home." Our pink tentacle dress is a definite eye-catcher. From the short hem to the stretchy fabric in our signature pink, all the way to the wild tentacles wrapping the dress and making their way off the back, you’ll be center stage when you wear it! Take a walk on the wild side and wear a pair of statement heels or dress it down with some embellished sandals. The fit is sexy, the tentacles are crazy, and the fabric is comfortable. What’s a better combination than that?
Don’t forget to email Lidia at for your custom sizing appointments. See you at the Creative Lounge, Evil Kittens!

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