Thursday, April 12, 2012

Evil Kitty Spring Collection is Here!

Evil Kitty is showing her new colors this Spring. In disguise, you may not notice Evil Kitty right away, because this season she is stepping away from her usual bold, dark colors and reaching an ethereal status. You may even mistake Evil Kitty for Good Kitty. Staying on trend this spring Evil Kitty is utilizing some of the most popular pastels including: pink, blue, and ivory. Using fabrics like organza and satin, Evil Kitty achieved her ethereal look through combining different complimentary textures. With a collection based on classic silhouettes from the 30s, 40s, and 50s Evil kitty is able to remain true to her classic aesthetic, but at the same time remain edgy.

Each week Evil Kitty will preview a new look and go into a more detailed description about each piece in her collection. Today we are proud to introduce...

Daphne Dress on the runway during Fashion Focus 2011
 Daphne Dress
In typical Evil Kitty fashion for the new Spring collection, nothing is ever what it seems. While this item seems like just a flirty, playful dress, it actually provides much more. It's made from 2 pieces: a light pink strapless organza dress and a fuchsia wrap skirt. You can wear it together or separately. Do you feel like going with the complete light pink look? Flip the wrap skirt and expose the intricate heat-set organza texture. The detachable wrap skirt, and dress provide the opportunity to get multiple uses out of one outfit!
You can purchase it here:
Take advantage of our introductory price of $354 (Reg. price: $506). Enter "Daphne" at check out to receive the discount. Offer valid till April 19th.

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