Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sad, sad summer of 1997

Evil Kitty keeps me very busy and I rarely have time to watch movies. Yesterday I finally got a chance to see "The Queen." It brought a lot of memories. The summer of 1997 is the time when Princess Diana died in a car crash (as depicted in the movie.) Earlier this summer Gianni Versace got shot in Miami.

I remember these 2 incidents vividly. I was traveling in Europe on my Eurorail pass. When Gianni died, we were all glued to the TV set in my mom's house in Poland. We and the whole world were mourning for this great designer. Later we left for Paris. Yes, I was actually in Paris trying to get into the most posh gay club on The Champs Elysées (no luck there), when Princess Diana died.

As sad as it sounds, my love for the Versace brand ran out with Gianni's departure. No I don't think it's fair. I've never given Donatella a chance. I just don't think she is as talented as Gianni. Back then I was drawn to the vivid colors, provocative designs and advertising campaigns that pushed the envelope.

Big THANKS to "testinofan" from for this great collection of Versace's ads from the 90s.

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