Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Ting Tings - the acoustic set at The Abbey

Chicago is cold and miserable today, but it doesn't bother me. I had a really good day. I met Katie and Jules from The Ting Tings. They played an acoustic set at The Abbey Pub in Chicago, before their regular show at Metro.

The show was sponsored and recorded by WXRT radio. It was part of their "Live from Studio X" series. Marty Lennartz; one of XRT's DJs, interviewed The Ting Tings on stage. He asked them questions before, during and after the set. Surprisingly this arrangement didn't seem disruptive. The whole show had a nice flow and it was fun to watch. Katie has an amazing voice. I didn't always appreciate it while listening to their record. It really came through during the acoustic set.

Things I didn't realize before I met them today...
1) Katie is much smaller in person
2) She has an amazing vocal range
3) She designs and styles her own stage outfits
4) Jules is a little bit envious of Katie being showered with designer outfits. He wouldn't mind a cool piece of garment once in a while.

I gave Katie some Evil Kitty outfits. My next project is to design a couple of stage outfits for her and for Jules. I felt a little bit guilty I didn't bring anything for him today.

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