Saturday, July 18, 2009

Promoting Evil Kitty at Pitchfork 2009

I found a perfect opportunity to promote Evil Kitty - Pitchfork Festival 2009. Friday was really busy and I was worried that we would miss Jesus Lizard (the band my husband was really excited to see). Thankfully we finished work early, found a decent parking spot, grabbed a beer, picked up a large bag of pins from Busy Beaver's booth and got to the stage just as the band started to play.
Even though I didn't know much about Jesus Lizard, I loved the show. You can always "appreciate" a guys who stagedives, only to get back on stage and to insult his audience; calling them "weak".

Today was more mellow. I spent half of the day walking around and giving out Evil Kitty pins.

Can't wait for Flaming Lips!

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